Should I knock down & rebuild, or renovate?Each case is different but, as a general rule, it can be less expensive to knock down and start again as then it is a fixed quote for measurable items and materials. With renovations it can be a bit of a black hole – there are many cases where it is too hard to quote accurately up front as there can be unexpected problems once demolition and rebuild has begun. Ultimately it depends on how big the job is and how specific the builder can be when quoting your job. Other elements to consider are the aesthetic aims and character of the existing house. Do you want an old design or new design? What materials are available? Are they any good? Do you love the house or elements within it? Are you emotionally attached? Is the type of house worth preserving? E.g. Victorian, Edwardian etc.
How do I know if I am over-capitalising?This is a common fear but it is often misplaced. Over-capitalising is only a consideration if you are planning to sell your home within the first 2 to 3 years after construction.
Do you warrant your work?Yes, we guarantee our work. We are so confident of the quality of all work done by MCL Constructions that we upgrade all our clients from the industry-standard 3-month defect liability period to an extended 12-month period -- and at no extra charge. Our ongoing commitment to excellence underpins every job we do. Our company provides you with 10 years of structural guarantee for any structural elements such as foundations, new walls, steel work and roof frame etc.
Can we visit the building site to see the progress of our home?Yes, we arrange for regular meetings with you and our supervisor on site.
How much will my home cost?

There are 4 things that affect the cost of a home:

  • The size
  • The complexity of the design
  • The nature of the inclusions (basic, standard, luxury)
  • The characteristics of the land (fall, orientation etc.)

Early the design process we can provide guidance on construction costs once the above elements are established.

How do we know what’s included in the price?

On presentation of our quote we will give you an easy to understand specification listing the items that are included.

Will you accept changes to the scope of works through the building process?

Yes, these changes are known as variations to contract and are costed and presented to our clients for approval before any works are carried out.

How long will our home take to build?

The length of build depends on the size and complexity of the design. We will let you know the construction time before the building contract is entered into.

What permits are required and will MCL assist with arranging permits?

The following permits are required and are usually taken care of by us:

  • Building permit
  • Council asset protection permit
  • Drainage permit
  • New Vehicle Crossing permit
Do you guarantee a date the project will be completed?

Yes, we pride ourselves on delivering all our projects within realistic, achievable timelines.

What is your experience and reputation?

At MCL Constructions, we are proud of our hard-won reputation for reliability, safety, consideration, honesty, integrity, attention to detail, friendly personal service and high-quality workmanship. The mainstay of our marketing and business development strategy is the referrals we continue receive from past clients who are very happy to recommend MCL to their friends, families and colleagues.

If you would like to learn more of their experience, visit our testimonial page. Many of our customers have supplied contact phone numbers so you can call them yourself to discuss MCL and their experience with us. We have been building architectural homes and extensions since 1997.

Do you provide everything required for my home extension project?

Yes, we have many levels of service from simply building your home using your plans to having an architect design a new home for you or plan renovations or extensions to your existing property. We can include many other design and construction services such as colour consultation, interior decoration, kitchen & bathroom design, landscaping, and more.

What areas do you build in?

The majority of our projects over the last decade have been in the Eastern and South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Do you provide home renovation and home extension services?

Yes, with the costs associated with purchasing a new property, it is becoming more popular to renovate and extend an existing home. About half our work is in extensions.

Can you build environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes?

Yes, we are HIA accredited Greensmart builders. We have access to designers and architects that are known for their ability to design homes with energy ratings in excess of 7 stars. We can assist and advise of many other measures to ensure your home is as energy efficient as it can be, including;

  • Water storage
  • Passive solar design
  • Solar power and hot water
  • Eco-friendly building materials
  • Water saving devices such as grey water, ring main hot water, taps, etc.
  • Insulation
  • Thermostatically controlled roof vents
  • Energy efficient appliances and light bulbs.